Search for locations where you can film

Assuming your video is a live-action film (i.e., not animated or created with motion graphics), you’ll need to find locations to shoot in. For a simple video of someone talking into the camera, an office or quiet room with a plain background should do. If you need to shoot outside or in a specific location, you’ll need to get permission beforehand.

What video equipment do you need?

You’ll probably need a camera, microphone, and lighting in the beginning. Depending on where you’re shooting, you may want to consider additional lighting, heating, a generator, and a computer for the monitors on which you’ll create graphics for the background. Refer to your shot list and storyboard to decide what equipment you will need.

At this point you should have an idea of what kind of video you are making and whether or not you need to cast actors. If your video needs a voiceover, think about what personality and tone of voice your intended audience will respond to. Do you know someone who has the right voice for it? Do you have the voice for it? Or should you outsource it? There are many sites that will put you in touch with freelance voice actors. Check them out in our guide on the best video marketing tools. Next, think about how much information needs to be presented head-on in your video. Do you know people who can fill that role, or do you need to cast a professional? If so, you might need to place ads and hold auditions.

Set the schedule for your shoot

Your plan is complete. Now you just need to set the schedule for the day of the shoot. Organize your schedule based on how much you need to shoot, the distance between locations, and your actor’s availability

Locations, crew, equipment, actors, makeup, wardrobe, and permits should all be clear beforehand. If your video is going to be a big production that requires many of these elements, you might consider finding an experienced producer to help you shoot. Otherwise, make sure you’re extremely prepared on the day of the shoot.The production company frankfurt is always there for you